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  • Different pickling process on stainless steel: chemical pickling

    Chemical pickling is a treatment to remove welding residues that exploits the chemical reaction between the welding oxide and predominantly…

  • Different process to clean the stainless steel welds: mechanical pickling

    Over the years, the use of stainless steel has grown exponentially due to its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance qualities…

  • Stainless steel degreasing (part 2)

    In the previous article,  we introduced the stainless steel degreasing process, focusing on: Degreasing with organic solvents Chemical Degreasing In…

  • Stainless steel degreasing (part 1)

    Degreasing is the operation that allows the removal of oily, greasy and foreign products from the surface of the stainless…

  • Methods to identify stainless steel

    It can happen that, in the stainless steel storage points, the depositor is in great difficulty in choosing the sheet…

  • Passi Test: test elettrochimico per la passivazione

    Passivation recognition test

    Passivation is the development of a layer of protective oxides on the metal surface. This property, intrinsic in the metal…

  • Electrochemical Marking

      The process, called electro-marking, allows to reproduce faithfully on any metal any decorative pictures or shapes imprinted on suitable…

  • Stainless steel surface finishing

    In architecture, stainless steel is a frequently used material  for its physical characteristics (weld-ability, deformability, corrosion resistance, etc…) and for…

  • Stainless passivated steel in a food factory

    Stainless Steel Passivation Process

    The corrosion resistance of stainless steels and other metals is strictly dependent on their surface conditions and in particular by…


    Electrochemical Pickling

    The electrochemical pickling has the purpose of removing surface impurities and oxides that are produced during the mechanical process. The…