Products treated with Clinox machines have been tested by qualified European Institutions for:

  • Corrosion resistance (Salt spray test);
  • Safety in the food industry;
  • Health and safety.

All results are available on request.

Clinox machine meet quality standards for any stainless steel finish (satin finish, polished finish, scotch brite finish, satin flower finish etc…).
The most common sectors in which Clinox machines are used are:

Water softeners

Pharmaceutical machinery

Trucks, equipment and fitting

Food industry

Boat interior fitting and yacht finishing

Car and motorbike silencers

Bar/restaurant/shop furnishing

Food industry tanks


Stainless steel gas tank

Pool accessories

Drinks dispensers

Kitchens, hoods, ovens, cooktops

Stainless steel pumps

Bottle filling machines


Packaging machinery

Stainless steel adapters and fittings