Alternative pickling solutions

There are three ways to clean and finish stainless steel:

  1. Abrasives for stainless steel finishing: they release fine dust which can be very health-threatening;
  2. Pickling gels for stainless steel finishing: they are toxic, corrosive and require a long production time; furthermore, they contaminate the rinsing water with acids and heavy metals, so the water must be stocked and disposed of as special waste;
  3. The electrolyte fitted machines for stainless stel finishing, with inverter technology: they ensure excellent, fast results, with minimum waste, they do not need rinsing water, and can be used in small spaces on factory plants.

Today, thanks to both the expertise in the field of electrolytic stainless steel cleaning and the constant investments in R&D, Nitti- Gritty is the only company in the world able to offer alternative pickling solutions, by using an effi cient system for weld cleaning and passivation and an innovative system for the immediate deoxidation of both steel and stainless steel. Today, thanks to Nitty-Gritty’s polishing products for both steel and stainless steel, every one can obtain extraordinary shine with innovative, fast, safe and eco-friendly solutions, designed for the food and medical sectors.