E-Polishing Box

E-Polishing Box is an innovative pickling and electropolishing bath by Nitty-Gritty, designed to clean or polish small but geometrically complex items such as as springs and screws.

Thanks to its inverter technology, which controls current flow and passivates every kind of surfaces, E-Polishing Box is a pickling and polishing bath for stainless steel components that works thanks to an electrochemical reaction moderated by a special patented electrodote. This increases production speed, which is up to three times faster than a bath working with traditional electrodotes.

E-Polishing Box comes in two sizes: one with a 3-litre and the other with a 6-litre capacity. Both can be used with all Clinox machines (for the 6-litre model, it is advisable to use Clinox Power/Surface).

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