Inox Mark

Inox Mark makes use of an instant electrochemical reaction, which involves lower costs than silk-screening or laser marking, to ensure high definition markings on surfaces such as stainless steel and chrome plastic. Inox Mark offers two types of markings: black and white (localized electric erosion).

The strengths of Inox Mark include: higher mechanical and chemical resistance than laser and silk-screen marking; speed; resistance to corrosion; the marked part becomes more resistant than the basic metal (tests available on request); no heating of the surface; possibility of marking large logos and trademarks on thin surfaces without deformation; quality details comparable to high-definition laser marking; maximum flexibility thanks to two different kinds of screens (all-purpose marking screens and disposable marking screens produced via a printing kit).

The high stability of the markings, combined with the complete absence of solvents, acids or dangerous substances, make the machine suitable for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries (ionic transfer and ionic release tests available on request).

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