Clinox Rec

Clinox Rec is the most advanced solution for the immediate eco-friendly treatment of TIG, TIG with filler metal, MIG/MAG, pulsed-arc MIG, laser, resistance, orbital, and plasma welding.

The advanced technology of Clinox Rec, through an immediate electrochemical reaction and recirculation of the chemical product, ensures pickling, passivation and polishing of any stainless steel weld, irrespective of the finish, without wasting time, without leaving rings, and in complete safety for the operator.

Clinox Rec is a professional machine designed for companies that require high productivity. Thanks to its Inverter technology, it ensures a productivity of 96% (instead of the 44% of transformer-fitted machines). Moreover, it is fitted with: a tank with recirculation of the pickling solution; an automatic pump to dose the liquid; a vapour suction system; a plug to use a smaller patented torch with manual dosing and an integrated tank.

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