Clinox Surface Plus

Clinox Surface Plus is the ideal machine for the immediate eco-friendly cleaning of large stainless steel surfaces. The advanced technology of Clinox Surface Plus, through an immediate electrochemical reaction, ensures pickling and passivation of any stainless steel weld, irrespective of the finish, without wasting time, without leaving rings, and in complete safety for the operator.

Clinox Surface Plus is a professional machine designed for companies that treat very large surfaces, for example silos in the food or wine industries. Fitted with a 9 metre cable connected to a patented adjustable 30 cm brush, able to adapt perfectly to any concave or convex surface, Clinox Surface Plus – like all the other Clinox machines – is equipped with an integrated pump for automatic electrolyte transmission.
The brush doesn’t need to be dipped in the reagent and the operator always works in complete safety.

Furthermore, thanks to its powerful inverter and a special socket, Clinox Surface Plus can be connected to a second torch with a brush for pickling, passivation, and polishing of stainless steel welds.

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