Re-drink - Prodotto Nitty-Gritty Srl

The right idea that respects the environment and reduces the consumption of plastic cups, already adopted by many schools and public offices!

Re-drink is the lid that protects your plastic cup!

Re-drink is a colored lid that protects the contents of the common plastic cup, allowing its reuse by simply hooking it.

Thanks to its magnet system, re-drink can be directly attached to metal surfaces. In addition, an accessory designed to be applied to the wall allows the simultaneous use of many re-drinks, making it an object suitable for community life situations, thanks to the special space where you can write the owner’s name.

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Re-drink - Prodotto Nitty-Gritty Srl

Re-drink is pratical, customizable and universal!

Re-drink is practical because it is equipped with a magnet with a hook for the special wall accessory. Re-drink is customizable because it comes card where you can write the name of the cup’s owner. Re-drink is universal because it has been developed to hook the most common models of plastic cups.

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Re-drink - Prodotto Nitty-Gritty Srl

Re-drink is the standard!

Re-drink is a standard equipped with a wall support bar, with length on request.

Lenght: 3,94 inches;
Width: 3,55 inches;
Height: 1,46 inches.

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Re-drink - Prodotto Nitty-Gritty Srl

“What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean without that drop would be smaller.”
– Maria Teresa di Calcutta

1,4 billions

CO2 introduced every year in the environment

1,5 billions

Animals victims of plastic waste in the oceans


Floating waste made of plastic

150 milions

Total tons of plastic in the oceans today

8 millions

Tons of plastic in the oceans every year

Re-drink in companies

It is useful to educate on recycling, empowering and sensitizing children, reducing waste and saving money.

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Re-drink in houses

It is useful to educate to civic sense, save public money, reduce waste, educate on recycling and avoid misspend.

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Re-drink in schools

It is useful to avoid waste by protecting the cup in the workplace from dust and oily, residues that float in the air, triggering a virtuous circle that can be replicated in everyday life.

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Re-drink in public officies

It is useful to carry out an ecological and responsible behavior by using a design product devised for recycling.

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