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  • Desengrase de acero inoxidable (parte 2)

    In the previous article,  we introduced the stainless steel degreasing process, focusing on: Degreasing with organic solvents Chemical Degreasing In this article we will introduce: Electrolytic degreasing Ultrasonic cleaning Electrolytic degreasing The electrolytic degreasing is the most used method to…

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  • Desengrase de acero inoxidable (parte 1)

    Degreasing is the operation that allows the removal of oily, greasy and foreign products from the surface of the stainless steel, which can decrease: The adhesion of galvanic coatings Corrosion resistance Mechanical resistance Very often these impurities are caused by…

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  • Métodos para identificar el acero inoxidable

    It can happen that, in the stainless steel storage points, the depositor is in great difficulty in choosing the sheet to be used because two steels could have the same surface finish and the same color but belong to two…

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  • Passi Test: test elettrochimico per la passivazione

    Test de reconocimiento de pasivación

    Passivation is the development of a layer of protective oxides on the metal surface. This property, intrinsic in the metal structure, is highly appreciated because it inhibits the corrosive phenomena that can be activated on the metal surface, increasing the…

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  • Marcado electroquímico

      The process, called electro-marking, allows to reproduce faithfully on any metal any decorative pictures or shapes imprinted on suitable marking screen made by  polymeric material, allowing to partially mask the entire surface of the treated sample. Swab electrolysis consists in…

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