Thanks to a special process (patent pending), Multi Mark is the first machine in the world to black mark on aluminium.

The Multi Mark marking device is fitted with inverter technology and touch screen. This happens through an instant electrochemical reaction that involves lower costs than serigraphy or laser marking and guarantees high definition for the marking on surfaces like: stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome steel, carbon steel, aluminium, brass, chrome plastic, copper, titanium. Multi Mark offers two kinds of marking : black and white marking (localized electric erosion). Titanium surface marking is available two different colors.

Multi Mark’s strengths are: higher mechanical and chemical resistance than laser and serigraphic marking; speed; resistance to corrosion, the marked part becomes more resistant than the basic metal (tests available on request); no heating of the surface, marking of large dimension logos and trademarks on thin surfaces without deformation; the quality of detail is comparable to high defi nition laser marking; maximum flexibility thanks to two different kinds of screens: allpurpose marking screens and disposable marking screens produced by a printing kit.

The high stability of the marking, along with the complete absence of solvents, acids, or any dangerous substances, allows the use of Multi Mark in food, medical and pharmaceutical industries (tests of ionic transfer and ionic release available on request).

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