Clinox: one of the most complete and advanced range of machines for pickling available today. Using inverter technology our weld cleaning machines can control the current: you can work in the best possible conditions, on any type of surface, and without damaging the stainless steel irremediably.

In one step all Clinox machines do both the pickling – removing ferric oxid (with the typical blue and bronze-brown colour) –, thus protecting the aesthetic side of the steel and avoiding the corrosion of the latter, and the passivation – restoration of the layer of chromium oxide, which protects the stainless steel from corrosion.


The Inox Mark marking system, through an immediate electrochemical reaction, at much cheaper costs than either laser or serigraphic systems, ensures a high quality marking definition on such surfaces as: stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome steel, carbon steel, aluminium, brass, chrome plastic, copper, titanium.

There are two possible marking types, thanks to Inox Mark: black marking and white marking (localized electric discharge machining).


Check and recognize the steel quality through measurement instruments which can both evaluate the state of passivation of stainless steel products and identify the most common stainless steel. This allows you to know exactly which kind of stainless steel you have purchased and going to operate with.


Nitty-Gritty offers alternative pickling solutions, by using an efficient system for weld cleaning and passivation and an innovative system for the immediate deoxidation of both steel and stainless steel.

With our products for polishing both steel and stainless steel, you can obtain extraordinary shine with innovative, fast, safe and eco-friendly systems, designed specially for those working in food and medical sectors.

The traditional steel cleaning and finishing systems are essentially three:

  1. OLD Abrasives for stainless steel finishing: they release particulate that, if breathed during the cleaning process, can be extremely dangerous for your health.
  2. OLD Pickling agents for stainless steel finishing: they are toxic and corrosive products that require long production times; furthermore, they contaminate with acids and heavy metals the rinsing water, which must be stocked and disposed of as special waste.
  3. NEW The electrolytic system-fitted machines for stainless steel finishing, with inverter technology: they ensure an excellent and fast result, with minimum waste, they do not need rinsing water, and they allow to work even within a closed space in the factory plant.